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Easily Fill Your Own Capsules

• Fill 24 capsules quickly and effortlessly
• Create your own customized capsule blends
• Connects, fills, and removes capsules automatically

With THE CAPSULE FILLER, you can easily make your own unique blend of fresh, high-quality ingredients. This capsule filling machine fills, connects, and removes 24 capsules within minutes. By filling your own capsules, you can avoid binders and additives and save on costs as well.


1. Read the green instruction card in the bag. Place the base on the stand. Place the longer part of the capsule in the base and the shorter part in the top (open ends facing up).

2. Set the base in a shallow bowl or plate. Pour the powder in and spread it with the provided card.

3. If desired, use the tamp tool to compress the powder. Then pour more powder in. Wipe away excess powder from an open corner back into the bowl or plate.

4. Remove the base from the stand and put the top back on. Place the whole assembly on a flat surface. Press down firmly on both sides until the device is fully pressed down.

5. The capsules are automatically joined and held in the upper part.

6. Press evenly and firmly on the top: The capsules will be ejected.
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